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MRI Machines

Medical procedure and research have been benefited with the introduction of MRI machines. This type of machine is used for creating detailed images of specific parts of the body. This machine can create images of internal organs as well as tissues.

Hospital Equipments Breakdown Services

Our service personnel are trained to render hospital equipments breakdown services, wherein they can quickly respond to the breakdown of the equipment and undertake work to solve the problem. This way they return the equipment to working condition.

Medical Spare Parts
Edge Medical Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a one stop shop for medical equipment, medical spare parts as well as service, like installation and repair. The spare parts can be availed for parts replacement as a part of maintenance service. 
Medical Equipments Re-Installation Services
Under medical equipments re-installation services, our service engineers will come on-site to disassemble the equipments, carefully transfer to new facility and re-install the equipment and get into the ready-to-use stage. 
Medical Equipments Applications Training
Service consultants at Edge Medical Solutions Pvt. Ltd. can train your staff on the use and operation of CT scanner and MRI machine. You can contact us anytime to learn more about our training programs. 
CT Scanner Refurbishment Services
A set of knowledgeable service engineers apply a detailed-oriented approach in providing CT scanner refurbishment services. Once services, this medical equipment becomes ready to use safe and efficient system. 
Gamma Camera
Gamma camera find its use in medicine to diagnose diseases. This camera can rotate to obtain images from different angles. This camera can be used to scan kidneys, skeleton, brain, liver, gallbladder and other parts of the body. 
Doppler is a testing machine which is used in hospitals and labs to study the direction and speed of blood flow. The colour doppler test is carried out to recognise issues in the blood flow, for instance blockage in arteries and clots in veins. 

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